Welcome to the realm of Aether! These pages describe the fantastical realm of Aether – a land of floating continents, flying ships, a god-like emperor who rules with an iron fist, and those who would see the land free of tyranny. In addition, a race of enigmatic and cruel beings seeks to dominate the entire world and the only force keeping them at bay is the very empire many seek to topple.

Come and explore a vast world of continents and floating realms with a wide variety of creatures, cultures, and features. Visit the crystal cities of the Alorei, chosen of the gods, or the walking city of Minoa, home of the gnomes. Travel amongst the Arboreans, a fey race who take on characteristics of animals. See the lush jungles of Hephaxica and learn of the lost gods that supposedly dwell there. Explore the harsh and unforgiving broken landscape of Raethe. The possibilities for adventure never end!

Due to the nature of the realm and the dominant culture settling on floating rocks, many new types of transport have been developed. Fly on the back of a wind ray or traverse from floating continent to flying citadel on board the numerous flying ships. These flying ships come in a variety of forms and use power from a variety of magical and non-magical sources in order to stay afloat. Air ships offer the most reliable form of transportation through the skies of Aether and many businessmen conduct their business and use them for travel. As such, many notorious air pirates prey on ships without imperial protection. Even so, other pirates prefer ships that carry the imperial mark.

At the center of the realm lies the decaying heart of the world, the Empire. This ancient entity has existed for millennia under the iron rule of a man only known as, the emperor. With his legions of magically augmented humans the emperor spreads his will and the imperial peace across the globe. The seat of power for the empire rests in the crystal palace of Astralis and from here the emperor plans his next move in his millennia arching plan of global conquest.

Not everyone finds the enforced peace of the Empire to their liking and many regions have openly rebelled to free themselves from the harsh tyranny and oppression of the Empire. They work to undermine the influence of the emperor both from within the empire and without. They work with tributary nations who no longer wish to fall under the yoke of the empire to free them so they may bring hope and freedom to all.

If the Empire exist as the decaying heart of the world then the Raethe exist as a contagion. First discovered in the Shadowlands a millennia ago, they have spread and threatened every corner of the world. Hailing from an unknown world or dimension the Raethe exist like ghosts. In their natural form they are nearly impossible to harm and can possess those of weak wills to interact with the world of Aether. Only the diligent efforts of the Empire have so far kept this threat in check. With the Empire slowly decaying over time, how long can this unnatural threat be contained?

So come join the world of Aether and be a part of the struggle. Uncover lost secrets that may shift the balance of power in your favor or bring about the downfall of a nation. Battle against the terrible Raethe or choose to ally yourself with their dark cause. The possibilities remain endless and only you and other players like you can shape the future of Aether