A Look At History

The history of Aether falls into three broad categories, creation, ancient history, and modern history. Creation myths abound throughout the world but they all have commonalities they share and as such historians can draw upon those to piece together how Aether was shaped by the Lost Gods and the early formative years. Ancient history covers a wide span of years and generally historians break ancient history down into two further subcategories, pre-sundering and post-sundering. Pre-sundering history covers the age of the Lost Gods. How they created each race and what roles they expected all of them to fulfill. When the Sundering occurred it changed the face of the planet forevermore. The Lost gods turned their back on the world and left their creations to fight and squabble amongst themselves and a time of chaos and anarchy spread across the world. Modern history starts at the rise of human influence and the creation and spread of the Empire.

The first category covers what most believe to be the common creation stories of the world itself. How the Lost Gods came to create the world and the many creatures that inhabit the many continents and environments. No one knows the truth concerning the creation of Aether and as such, these stories have been dubbed Creation Myths by many historians. Since the departure of the Lost Gods, all knowledge concerning the creation of Aether has long since disappeared from the world and since the last priest of the Lost Gods died off millennia ago, no one can commune with them and learn the true stories. The current set of creation myths have been collected diligently by historians of many races and while certain inconsistencies exist between each story, particularly over which race came first, each story corroborates certain events in other stories.

Ancient history starts when the early races begin to write their history down. No longer are there stories of unconfirmed fact but now they move over into recorded history. History not only recorded by individual races but confirmed as true by other races. The Pre-Sundering history revolves around the formative years of the early races, the creation of the later races, and all the many squabbles and events up to and including the immediate events preceding the Sundering. This world-wide event caused a dramatic shake-up of the world geographically, spiritually, and politically as the Lost Gods left the world forever. In their place they left two stewards to watch but not interfere. Over the next couple millennia the races saw a decline in focus on their stated roles. This lead to continual warfare between races and even within races. The end of ancient history is marked by the mysterious birth of the figure now known only as The Emperor.

Modern history covers everything from shadowy childhood of the emperor to the most recent years of rebellion and the emergence of the Raethe. In the earlier years the history focuses on the rise of humanity and the marked withdrawal, or near extinction, of the other races. The rest of modern history covers the spread of the Empires domain and the many wars against the other races and kingdoms of the world. More recent events cite the arrival of the Raethe to this plan and the struggle between the Raethe and the Empire.

A Look At History

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